10 Jun 2013

Perkhidmatan 'copytyping'

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kawan-kawan....ada tak sapa-sapa kat luar sana yang memerlukan perkhidmatan copytyping??? alaaaa, kot la ada benda yang nak kena taip, tapi ko malas nak taip...meh sini meh...hantar kat akak ni....die ade buat servis copytyping....kot-kot ada yang sambung study, pastu  letih nak taip tesis yang belambak tu, meh sini....bagi kat akak nie....die boleh tolong ko taipkan macam mana yang ko nak  ;)


ERNOR Copy Typing Services provides a copy typing service from both text and handwritten copy, including from PDFs and produce the finished document in whatever format you require.

We can include tables and columns and produce the document to your precise specifications.  We carry out a copy typing service for books, manuscripts, theses and also re-typing PDF documents to enable you to have a Word document version.
Please contact us to discuss any copy typing service that you require.

Copy typing from handwritten copy
·        2.50 RM per 100 words(Typing only and soft copy provided by email)
·        RM3.00 / 100 words Type + Print (black & white) and soft copy provided

Copy typing from text
·        RM2.00 per 100 words (Typing only and soft copy provided by email)
·        RM2.50 / 100 words Type + Print (black & white) and soft copy provided

For copy typing, if handwriting is hard to decipher, the charge will be agreed before commencement 
v Extra charges imposed on delivery to Kuala Lumpur / Kajang / Bangi area or via Pos Laju / Courier Service

·          General Typing:
·         Handwritten Documents / Notes
·         Manuscripts / Screenplays
·         Contracts
·         Agreements / Lease
·         Proposal Papers
·         Mailing / Address Labels
·         Research Papers
·         Resumes
·         Letters

·         Students:
·         Thesis Papers
·         Term Papers
·         Class Notes
·         Essays
·         Assignments

Ø  Feel free to email me at ernor74@gmail.com for further information

jadik, jangan memalu...jangan segan nak contact.....service adalah tiptop....sebabnya  aku kenal akak nie...die kalau buat keje, memang terbaekkkkkk

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